Q.  What is your experience training dogs?

A.  Our company was founded by Abraham, a United States Marine certified K-9 handler with over 19 years of dog training experience.  During the last 19 years Abraham has trained over 5000 dogs, countless trainers and even helped other dog trainers open up businesses in other parts of the country.  We are also Professional Premium Members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  When it comes to experience we are by far one of the most experienced dog training companies in the country. 

Q.  Why choose Always Faithful Dog Training over other local dog training companies?

A.  We are a service connected disabled veteran owned company.  When you hire us you are supporting a company that is owned by a service connected disabled United States Marine.  We are also by far the most experienced dog trainers in the area.  Some of the "other" local dog trainers have simply taken a short online test to become "dog" trainers.  Many of them have very little experience training or handling actual dogs but yet have no problem giving advice to people with dog issues.  Often times such inexperience will create much bigger problems.  Always choose a training company with REAL experience.  Don't be afraid to ask a prospective dog trainer how many dogs they have actually handled and what is their experience.  Also, realize and know that dogs will never be properly trained with treats.  Treat training NEVER yields real results and NEVER stands the test of time.  We are leadership trainers.  This means we train without treats.  We teach dog owners how to walk properly, go through doors and up and down stairs properly and how to do commands properly by letting the dog know that the owners are the pack leaders, not the dogs.  This is the only proven method of dog training.  Do you really want to carry a clicker or fanny pack with treats around with you everywhere you go with your dog anyways??

Q.  Are you positive reinforcement trainers and do you hurt the dogs in any way?

A.  We are positive reinforcement dog trainers.  We use verbal praise with positive tone and petting to reward.  We do not hurt the dog or get physical with them in any way shape or form.  Our training method is very similar to The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. 

Q.  I have found some trainers who are a little bit cheaper than your services, why go with you?

A.  Our prices are incredibly competitive and sometimes cheaper than other training companies with FAR less experience.  Some of the cheaper training companies will definitely give you what you pay for.  Unfortunately, many of our clients found this out the hard way and hired other lesser companies first.  We want to be your first and last dog trainer.  This is why we guarantee our services.